Is your child an Indigo Child?

by themindfulmentorvancouver

“Indigos are highly sensitive with a warrior personality” – Doreen Virtue


According to a pseudo scientific new age concept, Indigo’s are children and now adults who are believed to possess special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities.

Common signs:

-Indigo’s are born with more integrity than most.

-They are often diagnosed in school with learning disabilities.

-They are highly creative.

-Very energetic!

-They are often called old souls and seem “different”. 

-They are extremely sensitive to food and beverages and are also very sensitive emotionally. 

-They want special treatment.

-They hate rules

-They refuse to do certain things.

-They cannot be rushed.

-They are usually gifted in one area and behind in another.

-They know they are different and often feel alone.

-They have an amazing intuition.


I know in my heart that these children are on this planet to help save humanity and it is my life’s mission to work with them. One of the biggest problems is that parents don’t know how to raise them properly. They do not respond well to threats or harsh discipline and will retaliate. Many families I have spoken with have had it. Their child is doing terrible in school, has no friends, doesn’t get along with the rest of the family, they bully others, they are addicted to video games and they are extremely sensitive. They are like dealing with a teenage girl going through puberty. 

There are many factors that we have to take into consideration when raising these amazing and special beings. When they are supported, loved and raised properly they can excel beyond anything you can imagine. Understanding that Indigo children have this intense yet sensitive energy is a core component when figuring out how to raise them with more ease.

Please contact me if you feel that your child might be an Indigo Child. We can work on the following:

-Steering their energy (channeling energy into positive outlets).

-We can working changing your approach so that you can honor who they are.

-Disciplining them.

-Clearing their chakras and protecting them from negative energy.

-We can clear early childhood traumas and release painful emotions.

-I can offer support and someone to “vent” to as a fellow parent of an Indigo and an Indigo myself.

If you think you or your child is an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow child (in other words a light worker) then please contact me and we can further discuss the support I can offer you and your family.